Saturday, 4 October 2014

Reality star James Lock strips naked for cancer

Y'all know I can't resist sharing photos of good looking naked Reality star and British heartthrob James Lock stripped completely naked to raise awareness for male Cancer Research UK after losing his grandfather to cancer. He shot the naked photos for the current issue of Cosmopolitan mag. I don't know how stripping naked will help cancer research but some of us women appreciate the gesture...:-). See the full pic after the cut...

South Africa’s First Gay-friendly Mosque Mysteriously Gutted by Fire

Last month, BN brought you the news about South Africa’s first gay-friendly church called the “Open Mosque” which had sparked quite a bit of controversy.

You will recall that authorities in Cape Town, where the mosque is located, were planning on shutting down the facility, over allegations that the building violated some city planning

Another Liberian Passenger Quarantined at New Jersey Airport after showing Ebola Symptoms

A Liberian passenger has been quarantined by CDC officials after showing symptoms of Ebola. According to ABC news, the man traveling with his daughter on a United Airlines flight from Brussels was reported vomiting as they landed in New Jersey.He was intercepted at Newark Liberty International Airport and they were both removed from the plane by a

Thugs stole my breast while I was sleeping – Woman claims [Photo]

Stolen  but please read her story below.....!
35-year-old Mmatalamo Thobakgale from Southern Gateway in Limpopo, SA, says her breast was stolen while she was asleep.

She says she dreamt that she was having an operation to have cancer removed from her breast.

And when she woke up, her left breast had been mutilated.

The mother of two said she woke up in the early hours of last Monday with somebody on top of her.

“I managed to push this person off me and then I heard the door banging,” she said.

Today's Motivational By Les Brown

Be bold! In order to receive much you must risk much. Don’t worry about what your critics say. Most of them wish they were you anyway. Think “bigger.” Be unreasonable! Abandon logic. Forget about being rational! If your dream is unrealistic, go for it! We all know today anything is possible.

Success is a journey of the bold and courageous! You deserve to be successful. You work hard and you know that a big dream requires a big sacrifice. Finish what you start. Completion is success.

Confront your doubts as they arise! Doubts are limiting decisions and unconscious beliefs that you formed long ago. Your unconscious mind uses them to keep you safe, but those thoughts no longer serve you. What is your truth today? You have more skill, you have more experience and you have more guts than ever before. That’s your truth today. Toss those doubts in the air and smash ‘em over the net! Game. Set. Match.

Beheaded by BH: Tribute to Wing Commander Chimda Hedima 1975 - 2014.

Bravery is a very scare commodity and as such any man with such attribute should be celebrated .....!
Despite some military sources claiming the man beheaded in the Boko Haram video is unknown to them, friends of Wing Commander Chimda Hedima have paid him tribute. They also told the story of how the brave young man killed as many Boko Haram men as he could, knowing he would be captured. See the tribute below...

[marriagerestoration] God, Our Provider, Deliverer!!

As we go through hard times, God is there with us. You're never alone. He PROMISED to take care of you. God KEEPS a promise. KEEP PRAYING! God will ALWAYS be there. He is a Provider! He is a Deliverer!

Often it's our response to a situation in life. Problems take place and we may lose control or become impatient! As we grow in relationship to God, we become less reactive. We learn that God is in control, that He is with us, and that He knows what to do. This calms us and reassures us. Our character then becomes softer. As Christians we learn that the tests, trials, and problems that we face are only temporary. We also learn that God has made very special promises.

Jesus told us (Matthew 11:28, 29) that he would bear the burdens of those who come to him.

Jesus said, "Come to me". The reason that we are to go to Jesus is that He is all-powerful

Beyonce is Angelic in nothing but a crown of roses

What do yoiu think of her?
Beyonce has got to be one of the most naturally beautiful woman in the world.No wonder Jay Z calls her Monalisa..He says she is actually a more pretty version .Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world by Leonardo da Vinci ..It's the portrait of an angelic looking woman...

Minister of Health calls for cancellation of Environmental Sanitation Day

Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu has called for the cancellation of the Environmental Sanitation Day in Nigeria. He made the call while speaking at the News Agency of Nigeria's review of the containment of the Ebola virus disease in Nigeria. Do you agree with him?

Akon Performs in Plastic Bubble to Avoid Catching Ebola in Congo

Hmmmm.... is this what Africans would have to live with?
There is Ebola in United States of America where he came from and none deemed it fit that he puts up airbag to perform. When will Africans learn to fight this kind of humiliation?
R&B star Akon has been accused of going to extreme lengths to avoid catching Ebola during a concert in Africa.

The 'Locked Up' singer climbed inside the airtight blow-up during a performance in Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, on Sunday and rolled over the crowd, pushed along by the outstretched hands of 60,000 screaming concert-goers. This is something he has done before during performances before the Ebola outbreak but his actions has prompted breathless reports

Must Read! Abubakar Shekau: Nine Lives Or Nine Liars

Article below written by Dr. Peregrino Brimah of Read below...

So long as the Francophone media is bent on dragging Nigeria to its begging knees, Shekau will never die. The controversy on the death of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau is one that is entirely manufactured by Globalist media. It is nothing less than media terrorism by the desperate colonialists. But these globalist media cannot be solely blamed.
It is us who have Boko Haram sponsors in the Presidency and as our army Chiefs after all. Protected, supported and paid with billions by our President. We have no credibility and as long as this nation keeps such clueless and adamantly wicked men at its helm, the globalist media will continue to disgrace and terrorize us and will keep Shekau immortal.

The globalist media has stubbornly insisted on denying the fact that we have killed two of the very Shekaus they have themselves shown in videos as the actual person. They pretend not to notice the very different people who all impersonate Shekau in the many videos they release as a singular person, but when we kill these very people they just publicized then they say it wasn’t him and push out the next available video of another of his impersonators,

Friday, 3 October 2014

P-Square Signs Multimillion Naira Endorsement Deal With 'Skol Beer' In Lubumbashi, Congo

The musical duo are currently thrilling fans in Congo with their ongoing concert, but they also closed a mouth watering deal with Skol beer. And Paul Okoye took to instagram to to share the photos with the caption...

Big Lubumbashi!!! Deal is done and dusted. Was nice doing business with you...#internationally# Press conference #psquare's mini bottle Skol beer# serious business#
Congratulations to them. See more photos inside...

[marriagerestoration] God Has A Good Track Record!!

Romans 4:18 "Who against hope believed in hope, that he might become the father of many nations, according to that which was spoken, So shall thy seed be."

God has a good track record. He did it for Abraham and He will do it for you. God had already proven Himself. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. Will you trust Him today to heal and restore?

With God all things are possible. Nothing is hard or difficult for the Lord. If you are struggling in your marriage, God is able to fix it. God is able to bring life to the dead. He is able to make the blind see. The deaf to hear. The lame to walk. If you believe your marriage is dead, God is able to bring life to a dead marriage, because nothing, absolutely NOTHING is hard for the Lord.

You don't need to see anything or hear anything positive happening in your situation for God to heal and restore your marriage. God can work with negatives as well as positives.

Kim Kardashian Forgot North West in a Hotel?(Photos & Video)

This incident might beg the question...who gave birth to North West?
Mothers do not forget their first baby in
This is bizarre and i'm sure there is an explanation for it.Two days ago, Kim left Paris with North West.However, she exited the hotel alone and got to the car, opened the car door and her face literally dropped when she realized either North West wasn't there, or she left her

Rukky Sanda shows off Flat tummy in sexy selfie

No wonder the inspector general of police son, Jamil, is
so crazy about her, those flat tummy! Nice.
What do you think?

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Tiwa Savage Cheated By Husband: Tee Billz Pocketed Tiwa’s Shows Money & Lied To Her

More details have emerged concerning the marriage problem facing Mavin Songstress Tiwa Savage and her manager-turned hubby, Olatunji Balogun aka Tee Billz.
Tee Billz has been the one managing Tiwa until she fired him last week.
Entertainment sources disclosed that Tee Billz has been pocketing Tiwa’s management fee and Shows sponsorship money since all this while.
The lover lady trusted her hubby so much that she didn’t bother to question him not until

Sleep twitches light up the brain

A University of Iowa study has found twitches made during sleep activate the brains of mammals differently than movements made while awake.

Researchers say the findings show twitches during rapid eye movement sleep comprise a different class of movement and provide further evidence that sleep twitches activate circuits throughout the developing brain. In this way, twitches teach newborns about their limbs and

Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy go House hunting in Paris

The Carter's were spotted house hunting in Paris..Love the way Blue Ivy dresses. All girly and cute

USA Applauded Nigeria for Curbing the Spread of Ebola Virus

CNN Phone-in guest (Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health discusses the Ebola outbreak) commend Nigeria on the tactical and strategic process of curbing Ebola in the Country.

CNN (ANDERSON COOPER): "If they could contain Ebola in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria, I think they can contain it in the USA"
Dr. Anthony Fauci: “Yes, they did in Nigeria, probably because of their strong healthcare system. If they could do that, it can be contained in Texas.”

Today, another Great News has been "flooding" on the internet that

US has sent Medical Experts To Study How Nigeria Tamed Ebola Virus.

Good News indeed....!
Now United States of America have sent some medical experts to come and learn how our Nigerian Government was able to curb the spread of Ebola Virus!

Controversial Thoughts...!
- They refused to give us their ZMapp drugs to use to treat our Ebola patients yet we

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Defence HQ releases statement on purported video of Shekau in circulation, says its fake

The Nigeria military has reacted to the purported Boko Haram video released earlier today where Shekau or his fake said he was still alive. The military insists that he was killed last month and that the video is fake. Read the statement posted on the Defense HQ website below...

The Defence Headquarters is studying the claims made in the video purportedly released by the terrorists showing their leader Abubakar Shekau as dismissing his death. From immediate observation and what some online news outlets claimed to have seen, the video

Celebrity Fashion and Indecent Exposure

The way some celebrity dress to events begs the question : What is fashion and what is the appropriate outfit for that event.
The nude and sexy way these celebs dress has turned the society into the den of "Eden" where their admirers forget to look at their dress sense but are carried away by the appealing skin exposed for their drunk pleasure....  now a question is asked would you allow your kids to put on these outfits...?
View more pix below.............!

Exposed! Fayose led thugs to beat judges, Ekiti state Chief Judge tells NJC

The Chief Judge of Ekiti state, Justice Daramola Ayodeji, has petitioned the National Judicial Council, NJC, and the Ekiti state police commissioner over the Thursday September 25th Ekiti state tribunal sitting disruption, accusing the Ekiti state Governor-elect, Ayo Fayose of complicity in the attack on judges and court workers in the state last week.

In the petition entitled ‘Ekiti State Judiciary under siege of political thugs", the Chief Judge chronicled recent incidents in the state where thugs loyal to Ayo Fayose, invaded court premises, disrupted judicial activities and assaulted court officials.Justice Daramola, in his petition to both the NJC and the Ekiti State Commissioner of Police, accused Fayose of leading a large number of thugs, who disrupted court proceedings, beat up judges and court

Ini Edo's Ex-Husband called her a(n) HARLOT plus there's a new man in her life

A story
Harlot ke? that's harsh, but there's one thing i can categorically tell you, Ini edo is rude, loud and proud! yes i said it! i got the opportunity to meet her on Desmond Elliot's behind the cupboard movie, i was assisting with costume, welfare and the rest(that was 3 years ago..i

Nollywood celebrities in Aso Rock for Independence Day(Photo)

Nollywood is now in Aso   
Some Nollywood acts attended the Independence day dinner at Aso rock today.
see more photos after the cut

Model Strips Down To Celebrate Nigeria’s Independence Anniversary

Iyobosa Lebarty is a Nigerian fitness model and a registered nurse who lives in New York City. He had to strip down as Nigeria marked its 54th Independence Anniversary yesterday. Viewer discretion is seriously advised, but if you are one for well toned abs, please look on….

‘The US has gone quiet’: Nigerian Army wonders when $7m Bounty for Shekau’s death will be paid

There is grumbling among senior officers in the Nigerian military over the indifference of the United States (US) government to the ongoing counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism operations in the North-east, with some aggrieved that the US is yet to fulfill its promise on the bounty placed on the Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau.

In June 2012, the US Department of State had designated Shekau a “Specially Designated Global Terrorist” under Executive Order 13224.

The following year, the Boko Haram leader was declared a wanted man by the US. The country went further to place a $7 million bounty on Shekau for anyone who could provide information leading to his arrest or killing.

However, this seems not to be the case as the US is yet to make any statement on the

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Agbani Darego Romances Lagos Big Boy, Peter Onwunna

Lagos Big Boy in hot romance with Agbani Darego.... lol
Reliable and authentic sources have disclosed to (JBB) that onetime Miss World, Agbani Darego has joined the league of Nollywood babes, who are warming the babe of Lagos big boy, Peter Onwunna. He is the Group General Manager, Assets of Addax Petroleum, big

Amber Rose caught Wiz with twin sisters-Says Radio host & confidant(Photo)

The plot tickens as more revelations keep popping up with allegations and counter allegations Who is the twin..?
Amber Rose's friend and confidant,radio host ,Peter Rosenberg, has spilled more details over her split with Wiz Khalifa.He says she caught him with two ladies who are twin sisters(Above)..I kind of believe this version because this is not one of those unknown sources..
Amber walked in on him with two women at the same time,”Twins, twin sisters, twin

[marriagerestoration] Hope Maketh Not Ashamed...!!

Rom. 5:5 "And hope maketh not ashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given unto us."

Today, if you are hoping in man and not God, you will be disappointed. Apart from God, it is an awful, hopeless place. But with God's help, you will make it even while you go through this difficult time.
Whatever is your circumstances, there is hope. You may not be able to see or feel the hope, but it is there for you. How do we find the hope? There is only one place where hope can be found, and that is in Jesus Christ.

Have you lost hope in Christ to turn things around because there is no sign of restoration? Paul continue to hope in Christ even during his many trials. He said something remarkable about his adversities: 'For Christ's sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in

Nigerian Celebs S*xy Photo Compilation..!

Nigerian celebs are flocking into the nude fashion with the aim of hitting it big in the screen, with this new trend our young celeb wannabee are getting nude in their own way to show of their assets, after all sexiness sells and not just sexiness but nude fashion to accentuate their

See some of their pics below

$9.3m arms deal scandal: Oritsejafor breaks silence, says I have no hand in it

Who is speaking the truth ....? This is a case of the egg and the chicking... only time can tell.

The President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, yesterday broke his silence over the $9.3m arms deal scandal in which his private jet was used to carry the huge sum of money out of Nigeria to South Africa. Speaking at the National Executive Council meeting of CAN at the National Christian Center in Abuja, Pastor Oritsejafor absolved himself of any wrong doing, saying he would never do anything that

Actor IK Ogbonna and hot Colombian girlfriend sizzle in new pics

Actor IK Ogbonna and his Colombian girlfriend, Sonia Morales, get hot and sexy for Lolarshon Fashion Catalog. See more pics after the cut...

Nicki Minaj to host the 2014 MTV EMA in Glasgow

MTV has today unveiled hip hop superstar Nicki Minaj as the host of the 2014 MTV EMA. Just two weeks before she releases her highly anticipated third studio album The PinkPrint, Minaj will be hosting the world’s annual music awards show that celebrates the year’s

Breaking: United States Records Its First Case Of Ebola

So Ebola is now in the United States of America...! Zmapp to the rescue...!
The United States has confirmed its first case of the Ebola virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said on Tuesday, marking the first domestic appearance of the deadly virus that has ravaged swaths of continental Africa.

In early September, four U.S. aid workers treating the outbreak in Africa were diagnosed

Celebrity husband snatching? Amber Rose texting Kanye West since filing for divorce from Wiz

Celebrity Prostitution? or Celebrity husband snatching? This is an intriguing plot with sizzling events unfolding...lolRead below

MediaTakeOut has a blockbuster exclusive from a rock solid snitch. According to our insider, Amber Rose may be trying to get back together with Kanye West . . . and as of now . . . Kanye seems like he's considering it.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Amaju Pinick Emerges New NFF President

Amaju Pinnick who is the Delta State FA chairman and also chairman of the Delta State Sports Commission, has been elected the president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). The elections which held in Warri this afternoon, saw Mr Pinnick win through a run-off process after he could not get the two-third of votes.

The 43-year-old got 32 of the 44 votes in the run-off after polling 25 in the first round of

Top 60 Motivational Speakers In The World

1. Anthony “Tony” Robbins – For the past three decades, Anthony Robbins has served as an adviser to leaders around the world. A recognized authority on the psychology of leadership, negotiations, organizational turnaround, and peak performance, he has been honored consistently for his strategic intellect and humanitarian endeavors. Tony’s famous book Awaken the Giant Within will help you take immediate control of your mental, emotional, physical and financial destiny. Robbins has impacted more than 50 million people from over 100

"Jesus" Live in Ghana.....!

"Jesus" impostor is live in Ghana
What do you think?

A photo of a man looking like Jesus has gone viral.

He was spotted in Dansoman, Accra Ghana doing house to house with many people gathering to have a glance of him and take pictures with the Jesus look alike who appeared

Who wears it better?

Who wears it better?
Kim or Rihanna?

Naija popular video vixen Chi Chi goes topless

Sexiness is the name of the game and it sells big time.... we are now in the era of nude fashion expression....!
Popular video vixen, model and actress Chi Chi Nwachukwu showed off her hot bod in series of new photos. The 24-year-old featured in Jesse Jagz 'redemption' video and D’ Princes’ 'gentleman' video where she is his lovely bride. Continue to see topless photos after cut. Biko mind where you open

Obasanjo registers for Master’s Degree

Learning and acquiring of knowledge has no boundaries especially age barriers Baba Iyabo with his charismatic pursuit for knowledge...!
Nigeria Ex-President, Olusegun Obasanjo, is set to return back to school as he aims to acquire a higher degree in Christian Theology.

77-year-old OBJ will formally enroll as a graduate student into National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) in Lagos state on Tuesday.

Back in 2009, Obasanjo obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in same NOUN just two years after he left office.

Obasanjo confirmed the news by telling Premium Times that it was important for him to make some commitments towards achieving his aspirations in life.

“I’m going back to school because I have to have something to aspire to in every endeavour

[marriagerestoration] God Has A Good Plan!!

Jeremiah 29:11 "For surely I know the plans I have for you, says the LORD, plans for your welfare and not for harm, to give you a future with hope."

You may be going through hardship in your home, but God has a plan. A good plan. The plan God has for you cannot be thwarted by your wayward spouse, an attorney or the judge. God's plan is good.

You can be assured that God has a plan for every moment of your life. Through His Word and the Spirit, He is saying, "I am reliably here to meet your needs. I created you. I saved you. I have a purpose and design for your life. I am here to support you and to enable you to accomplish all I have in mind for your life. And I will never leave you nor forsake you."

I'm convinced God has this whole thing figured out better than we realize. Even though the

Woman to be hanged after spending 7yrs in jail for killing man who tried to rape her(Photo)

As painful as it would sound to you, the law is the law.... morals would have set her free but the law is judging her on the crime she committed .... taking another person's life....!
After seven years in prison, 26-year-old Iranian woman who killed a man she claims was trying to rape her will be hanged tomorrow morning.

According to Amnesty International, Iranian authorities confirmed that Reyhaneh Jabbari will be hanged .
Jabbari’s mother said today in a Facebook post that prison authorities told her she would have to go to the facility to 'collect the body' tomorrow.

In 2007 the former decorator stabbed Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former employee of

Monday, 29 September 2014

Bill Gates named the richest American for the 21st straight year

Forbes on Monday released its annual list of the 400 richest people in America, and for the 21st straight year Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates was No. 1. Gates’ net worth was pegged at $81 billion — up $9 billion from 2013, due in large part to a strong performance by Microsoft shares and the stock market in general.

Gates’ friend, Warren Buffett, chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, was second (the spot

Protesters Are Using FireChat's Mesh Networks To Organize in Hong Kong

Protesters in Hong Kong have started communicating via FireChat, an app that lets people send messages without cell reception.

Tens of thousands of protestors are gathering in Hong Kong's financial district to protest changes to election policy that would let a mainland Chinese committee vet the city's political candidates, and many use their phones to organize. There's a live feed of the

Liberian mother claims her baby turned into a man in seconds & ran away

Wonders or This report is so silly but the only reason I'm sharing it is because not only did it make newspaper front page news, there are quite a few people in Liberia who believe this story and have expressed shock over what happened. Yes, really! Hehe

According to the story, a Liberian mother is claiming her 2 months old son transformed into a full grown man in seconds right in front of her eyes and ran into the bush. The 16 year old mother said she was on her way to the farm carrying her baby on her back on Tuesday September 23rd when the baby asked her to put him down. (2 months-old talk now? lol) When she did, she claims he turned into a man and ran away. For real? Read the full bizarre nonsense story after the cut...

Tonto Dikeh Sends Out Condolence Message To T.B Joshua On Collapsed Building

It will be recalled that the actress also sang praises of the prophet in 2012 when she claimed he delivered her of her 14years smoking habit through a TV programme.

“I was watching a program on TV with Prophet T.B. Joshua and he was laying hands on people and praying for them. I love to watch his programs on Emmanuel TV. When he was
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