Thursday, 24 July 2014

Doctors discover sex toy in woman's vagina 10 years after she forgot it (Photo)

Doctors were left stunned after finding a sex toy in the vagina of a 38 year old Scottish woman, after she complained of severe weight loss and pains.
According to the Mirror, she walked around with the five-inch sex toy inside her for 10 years without realising...She revealed 10 years ago, she used a sex toy with her partner and admitted
she was under the influence of alcohol at the time and couldn't remember removing it or not.

On further examination, doctors at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary found the five inch (11cm)-long sex toy protruding into her bladder from her vagina.The situation caused her to suffer from a rare 'vesicovaginal ļ¬stula'
– an abnormal tract which allows urine to flow into the vagina.She also had an obstructive uropathy, where a blockage in the bladder causes urine to back up into the kidneys.

After removing the sex toy, doctors managed to repair the damage and the woman was later discharged.

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