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Lol. See what peeps did with another Don Jazzy’s photo

These people eh…lol. Don Jazzy is just 32 or so, what’s the rush to marry? You people should leave him alone jor…lol. On the left is the original pic which he posted on instagram…

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New York Couple to Turn a Combined 212 Years Old

1.8 million PVCs not collected in Lagos – INEC

According to the Resident Electoral Commissioner for Lagos state, Mr. Akin Orebiyi, 1.8 million Lagos state residents have not collected their Permanent Voters card. Mr Orebiyi said this while on a visit to the Lagos state governor at the Lagos house Ikeja, yesterday Friday February 27th

“As at yesterday (Thurs­day), the total number of cards collected in Lagos to date is 3.693 million of 5.5 million cards that we collected so far from Abuja. At the moment, we are still expecting another 430,000 cards which should arrive by next week. But meanwhile, we still have in our custody 1.8 million cards yet to been collected by residents”
he said

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Robert De Niro hit with $6.4M tax bill: A cautionary tale

Robert De Niro owed $6.4 million to the IRS for his 2013 tax return, but it appears he just learned of it. The Oscar winner’s tax debt surfaced in documents first uncovered by the Smoking Gun. Mr. De Niro has an estimated worth of over $200 million, and is reputed to spend $125,000 a month on his rental on Central Park West. In that sense, this tax bill doesn’t seem so large.

But it was unpaid, as the notice to New York City’s Department of Finance revealed. That is what an IRS lien filing is all about. But right away, Mr. De Niro took action. In fact, his spokesman Stan Rosenfeld said the problem occurred because the IRS delinquency notices had been sent to an old address. As soon as the actor learned of the tax lien, he had a check for the full amount hand delivered to the IRS.

Not every tax debtor can write a check of this size on the spot. In any case, it may seem hard to believe that someone could not know about a $6.4M bill. Yet celebrities seem often to find themselves in this position. Despite high earnings, their tax bills may slip through the cracks. They may have managers or other professionals handle all of such details.

And make no mistake, this didn’t occur because of just one missed notice. There would have been multiple notices that went unanswered, escalating the dispute. As one might expect, that usually means extra interest and penalties. The IRS can file a Notice of Federal Tax Lien only after:

IRS assesses the liability;

IRS sends a Notice and Demand for Payment; and

You fail to fully pay within 10 days.

The IRS files a notice of lien so creditors know. IRS tax liens cover all property, even if acquired after the lien filing. The courts use it to establish priority in bankruptcy proceedings and real estate sales. IRS liens last 10 years, and usually release automatically if IRS has not refiled them. However, you’re better off to get them removed immediately.

Getting the IRS to release a lien usually involves: (1) paying the tax, interest and penalties; or (2) posting a bond guaranteeing payment. Even then, the IRS may take 30 days. State or local government charges to file and release the lien are added to the amount you owe. See IRS Publication 1450, Request for Release of Federal Tax Lien.

Liens and seizures aren’t the same. The lien just makes sure the IRS eventually gets paid. A seizure involves forced collection so the IRS can sell property and get paid now. But occasionally, even the IRS makes a mistake. For example, it happened to Dionne Warwick, and she proved that an IRS tax lien can be wrong.

More recently, comedian Chris Tucker had a $14 million IRS lien. He is witty, but it is hard to outwit the IRS when it moves to collect on a huge tax bill, particularly when they start to snowball. Tucker had a new lien adding $2.5 million to a previous $12 million. Fortunately, Mr. Tucker reached a deal settling the huge bill.

That is another lesson about liens and levies. No matter who you are, when bills get to this stage, there are usually extras like penalties and interest, not to mention costs and expenses to get it fixed. Settling large amounts and multiple years can be expensive. In the case of celebrities, usually someone has not done what they were supposed to do. Otherwise the lien wouldn’t be filed in the first place.

Mr. De Niro’s address problem is all too common. Mr. Tucker’s explanation through a representative was that poor management was to blame, including poor accounting and business management. That too is a common problem, one that hardly seems surprising for celebrities who often have multiple handlers.

As for the rest of us, missing out on notices is easier to happen than you might think. People move and may not receive errant mail. Use consistent addresses with tax filings, and when you do move, file a Form 8822, Change of Address with the IRS. And remember, the longer IRS bills are outstanding, the more you owe.

Moreover, by not responding to notices promptly when they arrive, one can often lose out on certain procedural rights. Just about everything in the tax system has a timed response, such as 30 or 90 days. If you don’t receive a notice and miss out on a procedural advantage, you may not be able to make it up later.

For alerts to future tax articles, follow me on Forbes. You can reach me at This discussion is not intended as legal advice, and cannot be relied upon for any purpose without the services of a qualified professional.

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Amber Rose shades Wiz Khalifa on his fake online drama….

Amber Rose took to twitter yesterday to shade her ex, Wiz Khalifa after he released photos from the birthday party he finally had for his son. He’d initially planned a party for the boy but told fans Sebastian was missing at the party. People naturally assumed Amber refused to let Wiz have the boy.

Now Amber says she’s going to be keeping her son’s pictures off social media because she doesn’t want him involved in messy fake stories. Can she stop the boy’s father from posting his pics online?

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Friday, 27 February 2015

5 UNBELIEVABLE Health Benefits Of African Cherry (Agbalumo, Udara)

The exotic fruit which has a chewable edible skin that ranges in color from green to orange, depending on the stage of ripeness. The tender, sweet inner flesh is off-white with seeds making the inner to look like a star-shaped fruit. This obviously shows where it got the nickname ‘star apple’. purple and white and has a star shape formed by seeds through the middle of the fruit. The beautiful fruit can be gotten mostly everywhere in Nigeria towards the end of November till later in March when it would have gone out of season.

According to NurseRita, here are a few out of the countless benefits of African Cherry:

Vitamins and Minerals

Star apples serve as a good source of calcium, with each serving providing you with 10 percent of the amount you require each day. The calcium lends strength to your bones and teeth, and it may also lessen symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as cramping and abdominal bloating. This fruit also contains 5 percent of the daily recommended value per serving of vitamin C and vitamin A. Additionally, one serving of star apples serves up 2 percent of the iron, a mineral vital for oxygenating your body, that you need every day.

Helps Diabetic conditionsStar apples may have particular benefits for diabetics. Research published in the September 2009 edition of the “African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology” indicates that the leaves of this fruit may reduce glucose levels in diabetic rabbits, the same function that insulin serves. Take note, however, that consuming star apple leaves appears to have a toxic affect when eaten in large quantities. More research is needed to determine the effectiveness of star apple leaves to control diabetes in humans.

Medicinal Uses

The star apple is a folk remedy in several countries, although no research exists to confirm these uses. The seeds of this fruit may be useful to reduce fevers and treat diarrhea. Some people also eat this fruit to reduce the inflammation associated with laryngitis and pneumonia. Other uses, including treatment for hypertension, tooth abscesses, heart problems, intestinal issues and cancer exist, but do not eat star apple for any medical condition without first consulting your physician.

Helps You Lose WeightEating a serving of star apple contributes 3 g of fiber to the recommended daily intake of 25 to 38 g. Fiber provides bulk to your diet, a factor that can make your stomach feel fuller for longer. This can keep you from eating too much, and it may help you lose weight. This nutrient can also help protect you from diabetes and some forms of cancer.

All-Round Basic Nutrition1-cup serving of fresh star apple contains 67 calories. Eating star apple as a snack is a good choice as the calories are low and it provides no fat; however, this may not be enough calories to ease hunger pains and boost energy levels, as between-meal snack are meant to do. The Diet Channel notes that 100 to 200 calories per snack is best; consider eating an oz. of cheese or a tsp. of peanut butter to boost the number of calories into this range. One serving of star apple also has 15 g of carbohydrates, or 11.5 percent of the 130 g suggested for daily consumption by the Institute of Medicine.


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Nigerian Prodigy Becomes Youngest UK University Math Student At 10-Years-Old

A Nigerian girl aged 10 has become one of the UK’s youngest university students after starting a degree at the Open University. Esther Okade, from Walsall, is finding time between playing with her dolls to study a maths degree after being home schooled by her Nigerian born mother, Efe Okade.

According to Mirror UK: The numbers whizz became an undergraduate three weeks ago and is already nailing the subject – scoring 100 percent on a recent test. The home-schooled youngster’s incredible grasp of calculations seemingly runs in the family as her six-year-old brother Isaiah is already taking an A-level in maths.

Eshter’s mother, Efe, who home schools her, said: “She is doing so well. She took a test recently and scored 100 per cent.”

The primary-age pupil completed months of tests and interviews before being accepted on to the course.

She aims to get a First Class honours degree in two years and is already setting her sights on a PHD.

Eventually Eshter, who loves watching Disney hit Frozen when she’s not studying, wants to run her own bank.

Efe said applying to the university was “an interesting process because of her age.”

She said: “We even had to talk to the Vice Chancellor. After they interviewed her they realised that this has been her idea from the beginning.

“From the age of seven Esther has wanted to go to university. But I was afraid it was too soon.

“She would say, ‘Mum, when am I starting?’, and go on and on and on.

“Finally, after three years she told me, ‘Mum I think it is about time I started university now.”

Esther applied in August, and after a phone interview, an essay and a maths exam, she finally got the news in December that she had been accepted onto the course.

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APC Senators allege FG plans to sack Jega next week

APC Senators has alleged that the Federal government and the PDP is planning to sack INEC chairman, Prof Attahiru Jega by mandating him through a directive from the Head of Service to proceed on pre-retirement leave as from next week. Prof Jega is to retire in June.

At a press briefing after yesterday’s plenary session, the spokesperson of the APC senators, Senator George Akume said information reaching them from reliable sources indicated that Jega will be served a letter next week asking him to go on terminal leave. They say it’s illegal & unconstitutional

“We have received information from very very informed source, a very credible source that next week the Chairman of INEC would be served a letter by the office of the head of civil service directing him to proceed on terminal leave. We oppose the removal because it is criminal, it is illegal. It is unconstitutional” he said

The APC Senators also stated that they are opposed to the nomination of Senator Musiliu Obanikoro for a ministerial appointment.

“All of us we have agreed that we are going to oppose that. The three senators from Lagos state have written a letter to the president saying they are opposed to him based on these facts” Senator Babafemi Ojudu said

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Someone Stole Lupita Nyong’o’s $150K Oscar Gown

Lupita Nyong’o wore a spectacular pearl-covered gown by Calvin Klein to the 2015 Academy Awards. Photo: Getty Images

On the one hand, you want your dress to get a lot of attention at the Oscars. Those pictures last forever, and a great dress lands you on all the right lists and in all the right headlines. But it turns out there is such a thing as too much positive attention: you don’t want so much that someone sets out to steal it!

Lupita Nyong’o’s white Calvin Klein gown might have earned the most buzz on Sunday night. The actress worked with designer Francisco Costa to create the the halter-neck silhouette, covered with over 6,000 natural pearls; the dress is worth approximately $150,000. “It was so much fun to create this dress. We talked about it being fluid and liquid. I wanted it to be an homage to the sea,” she told Yahoo Style. She wasn’t worried about losing a pearl or two—”They’re sewn on quite tightly.”—but maybe she should’ve worried about losing the whole thing?

The New York Daily News confirms a TMZ report that Nyong’o’s gown was stolen from her room at the London Hotel in West Hollywood on Tuesday. And since actresses rarely (if ever) own their red carpet gowns, the Oscar winner wasn’t even able to file a police report; Calvin Klein will have to do so. “We got a call at about 11:30 last night from someone at the London Hotel about a high value dress that was stolen from a hotel room,” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Officer John Mitchell told the paper.

The bad news is that dozens of people had access to Nyong’o’s hotel room: hair stylists, makeup artists, managers, agents, friends, and stylists. The good news is that hotels have surveillance cameras and that dress looks particularly heavy, so it should be easy to catch the thief walking out of Nyong’o’s room with the dress. TMZ reports that the police are reviewing tape from 9AM to 8PM yesterday, when the actress wasn’t in the room. The sad truth is, it probably wouldn’t ever be worn again anyway.

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After the panic: How one New Yorker lives happily in 90 square feet

Photos: Living comfortably in 90 square feet
[Hardship and being homeless is not unique to any country or nation, it is a universal phenomenon, especially in developing nations like Nigeria]

Rowell found the place two years ago through a friend, who saw the listing on NYU’s student listserv. “Everyone was laughing at the tiny box that was for rent,” says Rowell. Even when she visited, the landlord seemed embarrassed to show it. But the rent was just $750 a month (now a whopping $775), and she took it on the spot.“I really like getting rid of things,” says Mary Helen Rowell, as she stands in the middle of her minimally furnished apartment in Manhattan’s West Village. “It’s my

favorite thing.” Considering that Rowell’s apartment measures all of 90 square feet, purging is more of a necessity than a hobby, but enjoying the process makes it easier to keep the tiny space neat. “If there are three things on the floor, it’s a disaster.”

A few moments of panic set in once Rowell started measuring the space

Photos: Living comfortably in 90 square feet

Photos: Living comfortably in 90 square feet

Photos: Living comfortably in 90 square feet

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