Friday, 1 August 2014

Veteran Musician Stella Monye Prescribes Amputation of Hands for Pirates

Stella Monye - August 2014 - BN Music - 01
On Wednesday, veteran musician Stella Monye prescribed the amputation of hands for individuals who engage in the piracy of intellectual properties to curb the scourge.
Monye says that the drastic steps will help reduce piracy to the barest minimum.
She said;
“If their fingers are cut, they won’t see the hands to use in pirating the works.

Cutting their fingers off will stop them, by the time you cut off two people’s fingers others will stop. They will learn and it will be faster in stopping them; without a drastic measure they won’t stop.
Taking them to court to be fined N10, 000 will not deter them. They will pay and come out to continue.”
On how piracy affects musicians: “You become a pauper because of your pirated works, they impoverish you.
What is more wicked than pirating someone’s intellectual property and making the person suffer without getting anything from all the money he invested in the works.
We have been saying a lot about piracy but the authorities have not done much for it to be stopped.”
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) was first to report the story.

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