FAST INFO MAGAZINE: When Something Does Not Work Out,You Move On - Doris Simeon

Monday, 9 June 2014

When Something Does Not Work Out,You Move On - Doris Simeon

In this interview with City People, Doris Simeon spoke about her broken marriage, and said she has moved on. see excerpts from the interview below;

You seem to have moved on after your marriage break up, what really led to the break up?

Obviously, life goes on. Shot happens. If it is not working well, walk out of it. You don’t have to die on whatever it is. It is just one of those things.

What kept you going after the controversies?

My God and the advice of my parents. Though they are late, but their prayers and the way they groomed me to this level before they passed on has really kept me going.

How where you able to stand after the whole saga?

It is not easy but I just had to sit up and think about it, if you die in your agony what would be left for whoever you have behind. It is better to sit up. That is why they said, ‘when there is life, there is hope’. Sit up and think of the next step you have to take and think of how to be a better you and affecting people’s lives positively.  

Did you think it could happen?

Nobody would ever think of anything bad to themselves. Everything that happened, God knows it.

Did you see any sign about what happened?

No there was no sign

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