FAST INFO MAGAZINE: 2015: Lawyer warns election riggers

Saturday, 5 April 2014

2015: Lawyer warns election riggers

WARRI - A conflict resolution expert and Managing Director, Robinson Ariyo & Co, a law firm with operational bases in Warri and Abuja, Robinson Ariyo has told political office seekers with the mindset that victory in elections lies only in the power of the ballot boxes to have a rethink.

Ariyo, a lawyer and Delta State House of Assembly hopeful said this while fielding questions from news men in Warri at the weekend.

According to the legal practitioner, Nigerian democracy has gotten to a level where elections can either be won through the box, or through the court.

In his words, “those that think that elections can only be won through the ballot boxes should ask Comrade Adams Oshiomole of Edo State. Oshiomhole did not get to the seat of power through the boxes ,he got there through the court, ask Rivers State Governor, he got to where he is today through the court not through the ballot boxes, Ondo State the same thing”, adding that

those who think they can win elections through snatching of ballot boxes are in for a surprise in the forth coming elections.

On the National Confab, Ariyo said it failed before it ever began as the composition of delegates was shrouded in injustice, describing it as a mere jamboree, which according to him, is clear demonstration of government wasteful spending; lamenting that in a country where there is alarming level of unemployment, government is wasting tax payers money on such jamboree.

He opined, that some ethnic nationalities were short changed, in that while some ethnic nationalities had more than enough delegates, some ethnic groups were going almost unrepresented. This according to him is injustice. “You cannot use injustice to fight injustice”, he asserted.

Barrister Ariyo said given the spiritual significance of the confab (Nigeria attaining a hundred years of forced union), this time is supposed to mark a turning point in the history of Nigeria, the selection of delegates ought to have been done in a more patriotic manner where all the ethnic nationalities are well represented and allowed to choose those to represent them in order to achieve the desired results.

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