Thursday, 4 April 2013

[Relationship-Talk] money and relationships


I just don't know how to get the money to date. You have to buy all the
girlie things to even get a guys attention then the gas then bills and
the cloths to even get them to ask you out. Then they want to do stuff
that don't cost any money? Plus as a women you always get lower pay
as a women.

How do you do it? Then the hair and nails? All to drive over to them
and they want to do stuff that cost no money? They forget you on your
birthday and valentines day they happen to not be around or forget?

Question: How do you get a guy to meet you halfway that you are dating?
Do you know how much money it takes for a women to maintain a look
that a guy might like then you drive over to their place and they are
not showered and working on a car or house or something? Now I know
why I have not dated and lived alone so long. I just got a dog best
move I made all he wants is love. If it is near the end of pay week
and I have no money he still wants to see me.

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