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Friday, 12 April 2013

Re: [Relationship-Talk] Having to let go


I'm sorry to say but I think she is playing you along. JulesGenevieve

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Hello, I am currently in a relationship with my sons mother after a long seperation.. She has an EX or so she say that is very active in her and her kids life. She has two kids by him and the relationship is close. I moved from florida to start a family with her and get a house together but this Ex will not let go. I know it is her decistions as tow who she want to be with and she say it is with me, but she keep going back and going from him to me. They have had sex together he has raped her and in the past they went through a lot of D/V... She told me that we need to be friends and allow her to get herself together and that sex with either of us was not a option.. I don't trust her...I am thinking about moving on and letting her stay where she is at....

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