Monday, 8 April 2013

[entrepreneurs] Learn the secrets of America's truly wealthy tonight at 8:30 ET


I had the privilege of teaching 3 workshops and making
some great new friends at the Great Homeschool Convention
in Cincinnati this past weekend!

If you didn't make it, plan to go next year.

While it's wonderful to see home education thriving, here is
something I see that concerns me.

We're not teaching our children to think properly about money.

Last year, many Americans on a national level were focused on
getting out of debt so they were cutting back on regular expenses
and focusing on paying off their mortgages and credit cards.

That's good.

This year, news that we're in a recovery seems to have
swung the pendulum to the other side so that we're sliding
back into our lazy ways of over-spending.

Mainly, I think we're losing vision.

It's so easy to look at circumstances and think everything
is okay.

That's the Keynesian way.

But just because everything feels okay, it's not.

There is an economic storm brewing that you and your family
must be prepared for.

And no one knows when it will hit.

Whether it hits soon or not, we also must be preparing for our
golden years when we won't be able to work.

Most folks don't.

So tonight I'm hosting a webinar to teach the concepts of building
wealth that your family needs to learn.

The concepts come from a study that revealed surprising
information that has changed many lives.

We're not talking about getting "R...I...C...H." We're talking about
a Biblical concept of being responsible and making the most of what
you have.

While we're on this earth for a few short years, we are supposed
to do the best we can with the resources we have to steward.

Yet, often we don't.

And while we live our busy lives seeking and doing things we
"believe" are important, we ignore the things that are essential
because of lack of vision, understanding and proper education.

Tonight, we'll fix that.

The webinar we're hosting is our Book of the Month webcast for the
members of our online community. If you're a member, just log in to
get the information for the call.

If you're not a member, you can join today for just $1 for the first

We'll also be announcing our Summer Home Business Contest soon
so watch for information about that. We have great prizes!

If you want to get the vision, understanding and education your
family needs to get financially stable and be able to care for you in
your golden years, don't miss this webcast tonight.

The call is at 8:30 PM Eastern Time.

The link to join us is on the Home page at

This one will be a life-changer.

I hope you can make it!

So many books, so little time...

who is serious about helping our country get stable one family
at a time

P.S. Let's start with yours. Join us tonight at 8:30 PM ET here:

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